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What is a Sangha?
A Sangha, in terms of spirituality, is a community of Buddhist practitioners. The goal of a Sangha is to provide support and inspiration along their path of growth in spirit, wisdom, and compassion. As a Buddhist, the Sangha is considered one of the “Three Jewlels,” where we find refuge in the Buddha, the one who shows me the way in this life, and the Dharma, the way of understanding and of love as well.

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The Monk Life community is a Buddhist Discord server that is attended by Bhante Varrapanyo and a lay community that is inclusive, diverse, and encouraging of each other’s individual practice.

Enjoy meditations, sutta readings, and more, in an active and supportive environment.

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Getting Started With Buddhism

So, you want to end Suffering and Bring Peace into your life, while having the support of a community dedicated to that same goal? Well, you’re home.

While the following framework for approaching this uses a Buddhist Background, it is meant to be Secular in nature and something that anyone can use for there own practice of bringing peace and happiness into their life.

It All Starts With Sila…

Sila is the Foundation of our Life as Practitioners. It simply means morality or intentional ethical living. So as you are here with the intention to end suffering and cultivate Peace, may we take up this activity.

As spoken about by the Plum Village master, Thich Nhat Hanh,Be kind, Be Patient, Be Generous, Be Forgiving, Be compassionate. And do it Intentionally. Everyday. This is The Practice of Doing good deeds. It helps the mind to naturally Calm and Stabilize.


Here comes, Samadhi…

Samadhi is our Meditation. It is the practice of abiding in and Training our mind through Meditation. Over time as we begin to live a more and more intentional and ethical life. This path of Meditation (Samadhi) becomes accessible to use.

We pick up a method of meditation and we practice it. Focusing on the breath, chanting a mantra, breathing and being aware. Over time as we get more into meditation the natural result is a mind of deep relaxation and deep concentration. We call this Samadhi and it helps our minds to deepen and expand.

Finally, Panna AKA Wisdom.

This final Aspect of our Path of ending suffering is all about Listening to and living in accordance with deep insight into the nature of our own mind and reality.

This insight or clear understanding about the nature of ourselves comes from both our inner experience of powerful morality and Samadhi but also this Wisdom Exists as a Teaching from more senior practitioners. People like Thich Nhat Han, Ajahn Brahm, and Shifu Sheng Yen.

We work to live in accordance with Wisdom but also to rely on it to understand.
This means listening to Dharma (Wisdom) Talks on YouTube or reading Dharma Books that are full of Wisdom.
This is the heart of the Path.
Sila, Samadhi, Panna.

So we have the approach, but what can we rely on to follow these practices and embody the path?
In Buddhism we call these the Three Jewels or The Three Refuges.

The Buddha…

The Buddha Represents Our inner Nature. This aspect of ourselves that is Totally at peace. Totally awake. Totally compassionate.

As we connect with and appreciate Buddha Nature. We can naturally feel more Empowered and confident to continue walking this path of ending suffering even in the face of Adversity or Difficulty.

So, this is called. Relying on Buddha or Taking Refuge in our ~Peace nature~ which can be understood as relying on our Awareness rather than the things and experiences that come up and go away within that awareness.

We take refuge in the Buddha as a way of relying on our own inner ability to wake up, to transform suffering, to embody total compassion.

So what is the Dharma? Skillful teachings that help us end suffering.

The Dharma is the teachings, the ways and means, the skillful advises, the embodied shared wisdom from Teachers and people who have had success on the path. As we rely on or take refuge in The Dharma We bring into our life teachings on how to live, how to deal with suffering, how to cultivate compassion and skillfully navigate this human life.

The Dharma…

Finally, Welcome To The Sangha…

Traditionally Sangha Meant the community of Buddhist Monks, Even more traditionally it means those who had experienced deep awakening and embodied peace.

What does it mean for you? The Sangha is a community of practitioners, sincere beings on the path of ending suffering.
We work and spend time together not out of selfish intentions but rather we show up to take care of ourselves to take care of each other. To practice meditation, to listen to the teachings, to support one another on this path, Together.

Sharing, Caring, Helping, Protection, and Cooperation by Mindfulness & Right Understanding.

Thabarwa Center, founded by Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara in 2007, represents a significant movement within contemporary Buddhism, particularly in Myanmar. The inception of Thabarwa (meaning “Real Dhamma”) Center arose from Sayadaw’s deep commitment to practicing and teaching vipassana insight meditation, following his transformative experiences with meditation and his decision to ordain as a monk in 2002 after three years of intense practice.

Hello everyone I am Bhante Varrapanyo.

An American monk ordained in the Thai Forrest Dhammayut tradition in Thailand in 2018, began his spiritual journey in 2014 at a Zen Buddhist Meditation Center in New Mexico. His early years were marked by intensive meditation training and deep immersion into Buddhist teachings. In 2018, he made a significant move to Thailand to ordain as a Bhikkhu at Wat Phra Dara Philom Forrest monastery in Chiang Mai, further deepening his commitment to Buddhism. Currently, Bhante is under the guidance of Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara and serves as a Dharma Teacher, focusing on alleviating others’ suffering through meditation and community. His experiences across various monasteries worldwide have forged strong connections within the Buddhist community, leading him to create a platform for sharing resources and encouraging others to join this path of tranquility and joy.


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The Monk Life community is a Buddhist Discord server that is attended by Bhante Varrapanyo and a lay community that is inclusive, diverse, and encouraging of each other’s individual practice.

Monk Life is a thriving community of Meditators and spiritual practitioners. People on the path of recognizing and transforming their suffering to bring peace to themselves and the world. Here you will find resources that are meant to support you on the journey of becoming a meditator and person on the path, and if you like even a monk!

You have arrived, you are home.